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Jonathan Payne is a freelance artist residing in Santa Clarita, California. His sculptures and paintings focus primarily on creature and character design . He has studied under Jordu Schell (Men In Black, Edward Scissorhands, Avatar), concept sculptor Simon Lee and fine art sculptor John Brown. He prefers to sculpt in oil, polymer and WED clays. Recently he has become consumed with creating an original line of tumorous balls of flesh known as the Fleshlettes. In addition to his macabre "babies" he also enjoys composing fine art sculptures depicting both wildlife and the human form. Jonathan is available for hire as a freelance artist and for individual commissions.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

First Successful 3D model!

Here is a series of snapshots of a 3D head that I modeled in the Zbrush 1.55 demo! This has by far been one of the most liberating artistic experiences in a while. To finally be able to model something in 3D allows me to translate things the way my imagination has been seeing things for a long time.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just passing through and saw your site. Great Blog! I'll check in occasionally.

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, payno in 3D!!!
defininetly the other half of j2 will be checking back regularly

Jon said...

Hello and thanks for all of the wonderful remarks! I appreciate the support immensely! I'll keep adding work as it comes.

I tried to check everyone's links to their sites and the computer service Atlanta blog link was giving me a 404. I'd be happy to return the favor and check out your blog if you wanted to post a working link.

As for the other half of J2. I'm so glad you checked out my site! I'll have to give you a call sometime soon. Say hey to Gina for me!


jeremy said...

One time jon and i discussed the possibility of infinity. Jon wasn't quite sure about it and looked for the answer with his gaze fixed on the sky. One thing that is quite clear, though, is Jon's ability in artistic expression. Anyone who visits this blog should have full faith in your talent. Remember the Greenberg when you become famous.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy!!! Thanks!!!