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Jonathan Payne is a freelance artist residing in Santa Clarita, California. His sculptures and paintings focus primarily on creature and character design . He has studied under Jordu Schell (Men In Black, Edward Scissorhands, Avatar), concept sculptor Simon Lee and fine art sculptor John Brown. He prefers to sculpt in oil, polymer and WED clays. Recently he has become consumed with creating an original line of tumorous balls of flesh known as the Fleshlettes. In addition to his macabre "babies" he also enjoys composing fine art sculptures depicting both wildlife and the human form. Jonathan is available for hire as a freelance artist and for individual commissions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skull Guy - an experiment with WED clay

This was a semi-successful experiment for using WED clay on a maquette. The biggest problem was my on-the-fly armature and my lack of a clear idea for the body design. This led to some wire sticking out where I didn't want it, cracking due to drying and the body being a simple anatomy study rather than anything else. Lessons learned: WED is fast until you lose control of the drying time. Doing smaller details such as teeth or fingers takes longer with WED clay but blocking in forms and redoing large surface areas takes much less time.

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